DFend provides next-generation security capabilities to developers, enterprise security professionals, and their users.
DFend is a cybersecurity platform focused on analyzing and verifying user behavior in real-time, with the goal of establishing a single source of truth across all devices and platforms to ensure the health of a user's digital identity.
Our system ingests and analyzes digital identity signals, a type of user activity event, as they happen. We send results data with recommended actions to your system at the time we detect a behavioral anomaly.
Have you ever received a security alert asking you to verify a new device or location? This is the type of functionality that DFend provides--and so much more.


  • Gain actionable security insights based on user activity patterns.
  • Detect and handle suspicious user activity. Receive events with forensics-level data and recommendations via webhook.
  • Allow users to verify emails, phone numbers, locations, carriers, VPN providers, Tor usage, and devices as data and usage patterns change on their accounts. You can configure DFend to handle this automatically.
  • Easily handle banning, with time-based usage bans and permanent bans, based on user activity and IP address, device ID, etc.
  • Connect cloud providers to protect your team and get notified of suspicious activity occurring from within your organization. Get notified of sensitive data access and prevent attacks from inside jobs and social engineering.
  • Offer enhanced opt-in security to your users with a simple widget and SDK.
  • Configure behavioral monitoring settings for specific groups of users based on custom parameters.

Use cases

  • View the behavioral history of internal and external users whose accounts have been compromised and communicate with law enforcement.
  • Detect failed login attempts past a given threshold and ban further activity for some time.
  • Flag usage from IP addresses associated with bad action.
  • Detect when many accounts with different email addresses have been created from a single IP address.
  • Detect impossible travel when a user's account is accessed from a location they could not have realistically traveled to since their last access.
  • Prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring on accounts with access to a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Allow security-conscious users to opt into security alerts and verification inquiries from DFend.

Who should use DFend?

DFend is recommended for:
  • Developers handling sensitive data.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges, and wallet providers.
  • Enterprise security teams wishing to monitor internal activity.
  • Any company that wants to pass security review and sell to enterprises and Fortune 500 companies as a vendor.
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